The piercing tone of a cell phone text message woke me from a dead sleep.  I peered at the clock; 3:15 am.  That could only be a rescue call. I picked up my phone and read the text alert: “All available search and rescue members, report to the Mayflower Gulch trailhead for a search at 0800 hours.”  I groaned.  Why wake us up at 3:00 for a search at 8:00?  I rolled over and fell back asleep. I got up at 6:00, thinking it would give me an hour to check email before I needed to leave.  It was a Monday, and I hadn’t planned to play hooky from work all day.  But I made the mistake of checking the rescue group’s Facebook in-box first, and there was a message from someone named Aaron. Is anyone available to chat? It had come in at 11:00 the previous night.  I responded…