This is Jave, the new mascot for Tango Training’s sister company New England Crane School.  Why does he look so serious?

The published answer, to be found in his profile on our website, is that he’s been working on his “under 21 tons” crane operator certification for three years now and keeps flunking his practical exam because he doesn’t have any opposable thumbs.

The real answer is that he thought he was at the vet when I put him up on a little table in the photography studio.

But there’s another possible answer, which is that he knows he’s going to be spending lots of time on the road over the coming year.  It’s crunch time for crane operators, most of whom must be nationally certified by the end of 2014, per OSHA regulations.  New England Crane School will be ramping up for the season early this year, in October, and we expect to be busy right through to late spring of 2013 and possibly even into the summer (usually crane operators are too busy in the summer to attend classes).

As serious as he looks, Jave feels pretty good about being part of the team.  We do good work at New England Crane School, helping crane operators clear the major hurdle of passing written exams when many of them have been out of school for a very long time.  We’re also helping to make the construction world a safer place for workers.  Last but not least, Jave likes crane operators because they try to sneak him some of their lunch meat when I’m looking the other way.

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