For New England Crane School, Tango Training’s sister company, the season is now winding down.  Crane operators don’t want to go to classes during the busy construction season in late spring, summer and early fall, so we operate primarily over the winter.

I’m proud to say that by the end of May, we will have licensed somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 crane operators this season.  Why be proud of that?  Because it’s something tangible, something we can see the results of.  We’re helping to make the construction world a safer place for people to work.  You need only be an occasional consumer of mainstream news to know that a crane accident can be a pretty serious thing.  By helping operators meet the 2014 OSHA requirement to be nationally licensed, we’re doing our part to bring those accident statistics down.  We’re also doing our part to help operators keep their jobs during a time of high unemployment.

I love the work I do in team building and leadership training and facilitation.  But let’s face it, the results of that work will never be as visible and measurable as what we do for crane operators.   At the end of a leadership development workshop, you don’t get to give the participants a test, proclaim them competent, and congratulate them for making the grade.  Nor would we want to try!  But there’s just something satisfying about the kind of program in which you can test for competency, and then watch the look of accomplishment (or relief, sometimes) on a participant’s face.  It’s also satisfying to be able to track statistics on how many people you’ve helped to get a job or keep a job, and to be safer in the performance of that job.  It’s something to be proud of, and we look forward to an even busier season next winter.

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