I’ve seen a lot of discussion posts on Linkedin lately from people considering whether to make a move into the consulting world, and asking for advice on the topic.

There’s no question that in this economy, it’s been tough for a lot of us.  But whenever I see the discussion come up, I think about what I love about it and it brings a smile to my face.

Last week, I went from working with a defense project team in the south on their communication skills, to delivering a customer service class for a health care company in New York, to facilitating a teambuilding session for the general counsel’s office of a government agency in Washington, DC.  Who else has such a stimulating and varied schedule?  I visit and learn about all types of organizations, public and private, in all types of industries.  Everywhere I go I meet new people, make new contacts and get new perspectives.  As I help people develop their own learning capacity, I learn tremendous amounts myself.  The job is never stale.   It makes me realize that I could never work in a field where I wasn’t constantly learning and experiencing new things.

I know Thanksgiving is in November.  But shouldn’t it really be a holiday that comes whenever we take a moment to reflect on what we’re grateful for?  How about you, what are you grateful for in your current professional situation?

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